Gap Year Summit Consulting Package



The Gap Year Summit Consulting is our all-inclusive package offering families hands on, personalized consulting, advising, support and training. This package covers absolutely everything and will see you through your Gap Year Experience with clarity and enthusiasm. We begin with an extensive survey to determine your goals for the year, aptitudes, and program preferences. In our introductory conversation we will review the survey, discuss gap year fundamentals, and our roles as Gap Year partners. When we both feel comfortable, Gap Year Base Camp will go to work researching the best possible plans for your Gap Year within your budget! The summit package is for those who desire a white glove service through this often complicated process. We’re excited just thinking about it!


  • Initial introductory assessment to determine goals of your Gap Experience and process of planning gap year. More extensive travel plans will require more time and planning. This is the package for you if you are taking on a BIG adventure!
  • A 12-15 hour phone call/meeting retainer for use by students and parents to create a plan, plus unlimited e-mailing
  • Program and activity recommendations based on your goals and preferences combined with our deep knowledge of reputable and vetted organizations.
  • Assistance with the application process.
  • Assistance with the Visa process where applicable
  • Help in budgeting, itinerary and other logistical issues
  • We work closely with both parents and students to instill confidence in their choices and their program. As an added benefit, we are OSAC registered.
  • Pre-departure preparation assistance
  • Support throughout gap time with tools for handling logistical issues and the emotional issues that accompany major life changes. This support is invaluable and can change the complexion of a daunting situation.
  • Gap Year Portfolio Program: This program is a Gap Year game changer! At the end of your gap travels, you will have completed a comprehensive and polished portfolio/resume documenting your real world accomplishments in a format recognized by the best universities and companies. Our portfolio system replicates best practices used in some of the best portfolio programs in the country. With prompts, editing, suggestions, peer review and accountability your portfolio will shine! Valued at $249
  • You and your student will receive our Gap Year Training Guide which we use as a curriculum for  our Gap Year Training Trips. Available in print and as a digital download, never be without this travel playbook that will save you many headaches!

For US citizens, in particular those who have not yet travelled abroad, the US Department of State offers a “Smart Traveller Enrollment Program”. STEP is a free service which allows US citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. Combined with our OSAC certification, we will keep you informed of travel advisories, where necessary.


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