Gap Year Portfolio/Resume Program



Gap Year Portfolio Resume Program:

Our Gap Year Resume/Portfolio program is a game changer! Do you draw a blank when it comes to putting your strengths into words? Are you completely at a loss as to how your experiences translate into marketable skills? Let us help you! At the end of your gap travels, you will have completed a comprehensive and polished portfolio/resume documenting your experience. We will inspire with creative prompts in a format recognized by colleges and companies.  With prompts, editing, suggestions,  and accountability your gap year resume or portfolio will shine! We can take your current resume and add to it or start from scratch!


  • An initial survey to collect and classify your information
  • A phone or Skype session to create a plan and framework for your chosen resume format.
  • A monthly update with prompts and ideas. Follow these simple prompts and your resume will write itself!
  • A crash course in resume writing and portfolio building, we will teach you best practices that will serve you well in the future.
  • A formatted system in which to build your portfolio or resume
  • We will help you identify and highlight transferable skills acquired during your gap year.
  • Proofreading and editing.

By following this guided program and implementing the prompts, you’ll turn your gap travels into a career building experience with an authentic and powerful document that represents your new and dynamic strengths. The skills acquired in this resume process will serve you again and again. This is an add-on that will add up!

*did we mention that you’ll probably even have fun doing it? Yes, it’s true!



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