The DIY (Do It Yourself) Gap Year



What is a DIY Gap Year? If you’ve started researching your gap experience you know that there are literally thousands of options. And then you choose one of those options, let’s say a tall ship voyage or volunteering in Africa, and within those choices there are again, literally hundreds more options? Which ship? Which voyage? Which hemisphere? What’s their training objective and primary language? Is the program reputable? Do they have a reputation for partying or for experiential learning? Are indigenous cultures being exploited or are volunteers diverting resources? Is the program a broker with little connection to the actual organizers or is it a grass roots initiative? This list could go on and on, but you get the gist.

It’s hard to know and assess all of these issues. And when you’re halfway around the world, it’s SO important to have a strong sense of the program and its reputation.

The DIY Gap Year Makes it Easy

You will receive our comprehensive DIY Gap Year Guide that is designed to walk you, step by step, through the process. It is paired with a journal and checklist that will keep you on track. After reading the guide, you will take a very specific and targeted survey designed to narrow your focus and highlight your absolute best options. After reviewing your survey, we’ll send you program recommendations based on your preferences, objectives, comfort levels, and budget. We will recommend a minimum of 7 programs (maximum of 10) and options depending on your length of stay. Within these choices, you will still have some options to customize your trip and of course, you can do it all exactly as you want! We are simply offering an informed and inspired framework!

We will also recommend a sequence, time table, and basic itinerary and will add you to our GYBC Class of 2020 for full support and ongoing resources!

You will receive:

  • our comprehensive DIY Gap Year Guide
  • a downloadable journal and checklist to keep you on track
  • our detailed survey to focus your goals and travel dreams
  • a customized & personal list of vetted and reputable gap year program choices that fit your specific needs
  • a sequence, time table and basic itinerary with fun side trips and off-the-beaten path recommendations
  • membership in your current Gap Year class and it’s many resources
  • recommendations to funding resources, scholarships and grants
  • access to security alerts and travel advisories through OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council)
  • registration with STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) for embassy and consulate support while abroad

This is probably the best deal in town! More than anything, we want your gap experience to be inspiring and amazing. We’re so excited to offer this DIY program to share our favorite programs and trips!

After purchase you will receive an immediate download of our GYBC DIY Gap Year Guide.

It will include a link to the survey which you should take only after reading the guide!

Please note: This survey is different from the survey that is on our website.


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