5 Things a Gap Year Is Not

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Last night, at my daughter’s 8th grade graduation, I sat with a table full of parents chatting. I was sharing about Gap Year Base Camp and most parents love the idea and want more information. They get it. However. One dad chimed in and offered up “a gap year is not so great when your kid is in the basement playing fortnight the whole time”.

I love this because it lends clarity and insight into my work as a Gap Year Advisor/Counselor/Consultant.

I shared that a Gap Year is NOT a “Year Off” and that spending a year in a basement playing video games wouldn’t fall into any definition of a Gap Year. He nodded with disbelief and I’ve been pondering ever since! (As I have been for years, actually)

There are many reasons that parents are dubious about a gap year, and it mostly comes down to fear. And all these fears are normal, BTW. Here’s a short little list to help those parents! Rather than delving into all the many gifts a gap year bestows on a developing human, let’s kick some of the myths to the curb to help those doubting dads out a little!

5 Things a Gap Year is Not

  • A Gap Year is NOT a ‘year off’.
  • A Gap Year is NOT one big party.
  • A Gap Year is NOT a setback to your resume.
  • A Gap Year is NOT going to deter someone from starting/finishing college.
  • A Gap Year is NOT for kids who didn’t get into college.

Let’s elaborate a bit.

A gap year is structured and comprehensive. A good Gap Year counselor can help you dive deep into personal and educational growth. You will probably learn more during a well planned gap year than you will in years of college, but it will be hands on, deeply personal and hard won.

Let’s Party! I’ve never partied more in my life than I did in college. Might you party on your Gap Year? Let’s hope so, but you’d be hard pressed to trump college partying and your transcript isn’t on the line. Americans would do well to learn the restraint and discipline offered in other countries (hello Italy and France) where drinking is not taboo till we leave home, and then all caution is thrown to the wind. Moderation in all things is a good rule to live by, at home, in college, or on a gap year.

A Gap Year is an ASSET to your resume and to your college transcript or application. A well documented gap year will show a host of skills that employers and schools are looking for!

Research shows that a Gap Year creates students who are motivated and focused. They have real world experience that has infused them with purpose and passion! Read the studies! Harvard loves their gap year students!

So who is a gap year for?

A Gap Year is for ALL STUDENTS, PEOPLE, FAMILIES who want to become knowledgeable, inquiring, and reflective citizens. Who know that learning takes many forms and are willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone in order to be empathetic ambassadors committed to a lifetime of personal, local, and global enrichment in our integrated world. Is that you? 

We would love to meet you and help you plan your gap! Jump over here and take the survey and then we can schedule a free consultation. Gap Year travel is our passion! We offer counseling/consulting, portfolio/resume programs, and super affordable gap year training trips.

Author: iveypatton

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