Your Education Starts with a Gap Year

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This post is for parents! With three children, we’ve experienced the benefits of a Gap Year first hand. We know that it enhances an education exponentially! We’ve also taken two family gap travel trips. Read on…

Gap Year Base Camp is a one stop shop for all of your Gap Year needs. We hope to offer guidance and support, but most of all, we hope to inspire. We are firm believers that a gap experience is a fundamental part of a complete education. In other words, a college experience without a gap year is going to be lacking. A vital component will be missing and the full experience will fall short, often the most formative part. Other countries embrace a gap year as the first step towards college. The US, because colleges have become enormous money making marketing machines, is slow to follow, but is waking up! Hooray!

A Gap Experience can shape a college outcome, adding value and most importantly adding clarity and direction. Expectations of a college freshman (or sophomore or junior, for that matter) are unreasonable. We expect them to have a firm grip on their life direction, to declare their future and then to spend enormous sums of money to move towards it, when they have yet to experience life outside of a small boundary.

Let Gap Year Base Camp share with you how a Gap Experience will not only make college more cost effective, but will infuse the experience with deeper meaning, purpose and dedication. Statistics show that gap year students are more focused because they are clear on their reasons for being at college and are motivated to succeed in order to apply their knowledge to their passions. They typically are more resourceful, better at advocating for themselves, and have better communication skills. Their resumes are potent, powerful and personal, with real world expertise in skills that matter in the workforce. They also are grateful for the opportunity to learn…. having been rekindled and ignited by the greatest motivator possible…real life encounters with our amazing world and the beautiful scope of all human kind. A gap experience is an education and will enhance your college education exponentially. Let us help you plan the best year of your life.

We would love to meet you and help you plan your gap! Jump over here and take the survey and then we can schedule a free consultation. Gap Year travel is our passion! We offer counseling/consulting, portfolio/resume programs, and super affordable gap year training trips.

Author: iveypatton

Gap Year Base Camp is a personalized gap year consulting service offering counseling, planning, support, training, portfolio services and more for your ultimate Gap Year Experience. Our team of advisors are proud to work with people of all orientations, abilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.